The Supratechnics Group

The Supratechnic companies in both Malaysia and Singapore are in the distribution of Mercury Marine Outboard Engines and related services. In Malaysia it is the leading and front runner of outboard motor engines distribution in the entire Malaysian peninsula, winning last year, almost all of the government tenders for outboard motor engines. Whatever your boating engine needs may be, Supra will be able to assist you.

Scientific Industrial Instrumentation

Scientific & Industrial Instrumentation Pte Ltd (SII) specializes in control instrumentation and industrial chambers, clean rooms and clinical ovens, the design and fabrication of industrial chambers/ovens for use in the pharmaceutical industry. SII is also the sole distributor of high quality Swedish-made IQ Air air filters, frequently used by shopping malls and hospitals, as well as homes.

Property Investments

Theme A Properties Pte Ltd is a Commercial and Industrial Properties Specialist, catering to USP Group, property owners, developers and prospective buyers in Singapore and the Asean region. With its huge network of investors and properties, Theme A will be able to cater to all your needs in Commercial and Industrial Properties, be it buying, selling, leasing or redevelopment of properties.

Recycling of Waste Oil

Biofuel Research Pte Ltd (“BR”) has been offering solutions to municipal waste issues through innovative techniques and careful waste management and treatment, that effectively bring the process of waste management from beyond a model of zero-waste to a waste-to-energy & food production model. In conjunction with PUB, BR has been involved in the process of recovering brown grease from the daily collection of concentrated greasy waste-water from PUB. It is now in the process of experimenting and developing new technologies to process grease into Bio-chemicals and to Biodiesel.


The formation of Darts Engineering Pte Ltd (“Darts”) has vastly expanded USP’s engineering capability in the Marine, Oil and Gas industries. Key activities include:

• industrial plant engineering design and process,
• building and repairing of ships tankers and other ocean-going vessels,
• Installation of industrial machinery and equipment, mechanical engineering works
• Scaffolding works

Backed by veteran specialists in this trade and industry, Darts is slated for exponential growth and is ready to provide services of the highest standard in the relevant industries.


Another exciting project by Biofuel Research Pte Ltd (“BR”) is the Black Soldier Flies (“BSF”) Farm. BR has successfully raised a nursery of BSF and is working closely with a tertiary institution to raise the standard of the larvaes to be standard poultry and fish feed. It is envisaged that by 2022, BR will be able to distribute this feed to poultry and fish farms both in Singapore and neighbouring regions.


Threeone Recruitment Pte Ltd (31R) operates the business of recruitment and deployment of foreign migrant workers. It also supports the needs of Darts for its projects. The specialists running 31R are also time-tested veterans who bring with them a huge wealth of experience and relevant network. 31R intends to be a leading recruitment and deployment centre for foreign migrant workers both here and regionally. In a later phase which will be carefully calibrated, 31R may work with foreign partners to set up training centres for selected migrant workers at their base countries before they migration to Singapore for work deployment.